Here are a few highlights of our company that differentiate us from others and help you choose make right decision for your cars.

1. EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS : We use most advance equipment in our refinishing & detailing jobs. Some highlights of our Automotive Refinishing setup includes – Paint Booth, Infrared Drying System, Glasurit Paint Mixing System, Devilbliss Digital Spray Guns, Air Drying System, Paint Meters, 3M Ancillaries, Bigfoot Polishing System etc.

2. PASSION : We are more focused and passionate about our work than any other company. Our ‘attention to detail’ and passion for cars ensures that we produce exceptional results every time. The standards we have set for ourselves provides us with the benchmark of the quality which is maintained or surpassed by our team in every refinishing or detailing job performed at Auto XpertZ.

3. COMPREHENSIVE EXPERIENCE : Our most important strength is the skill & experience of our team, working in one of the most cooperative & friendly environment.

4. PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE : We thrive to give our clients a professional experience at every touch-point of our company from enquiry to delivery of the car. We use internationally approved techniques and materials in our paint and detailing process.

5. RELIABLE : With reference to our existing clients which are repeatedly getting their dear cars from Mercedes to Bentley, Ferrari etc. refinished or detailed from us, we treat every car with utmost care and attention. With restricted entry & no photography clause at our centres we make sure that desired standards are met with with best possible quality.

6. EXPERT SUPERVISION : We personally provide our continuous supervision to each and every refinishing & detailing service performed, to make sure that desired standards are met with best possible quality.

7. CLEAN CAR CULTURE : Auto XpertZ promotes the Clean Car Culture in India, with a vision to spread the awareness of the professional car detailing & automotive refinishing concept among the premium car owners, in order to educate & help them maintain their dear cars in this unfriendly traffic environment.

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