Car Paint FAQ

We use complete range of 3M ancillaries & Glasurit Paint System with an in house paint mixing system, which means we can give you an exact colour match with identical factory finish & quality.

We have all the latest equipment and tools required for the paint services which includes Elgi Paint Booth, Devilbliss Spray Guns, Infrared Panels etc.

With our in house Glasurit paint mixing system we can exactly match the colour of the panel to be painted with the specified colour code provided by the manufacturer.We take special pride in our ability to match factory finishes to make the refinishing job undetectable to others.

Most of the vehicle surface is metal, whereas the bumper cover is plastic. Paint adheres to these two materials in different ways, giving the paint a different shade.

We need 20-24 hrs.of working time i.e. 2-3 days to complete a panel with a technically correct process. Rushing through a paint job leads to numerous defects and improper finish which ultimately leads to easily detectable bad paint jobs hence defacing the value of your car.

Majority of the roadside & unprofessional aftermarket painters do not open the fittings and bumpers of the cars resulting in bad finish and easily detectable repaint around the edges of the panels.

At Auto XpertZ we open every possible fitting of the respective panel to make the finish around the edges identical to the original one. Note: Properly opening fittings and reinstalling them takes time, knowledge and tools which most of the aftermarket painters are not ready to invest in.

We are committed to give adequate attention & time to each panel that we paint to provide you a technically correct process which results in close to factory finish and makes the repaint undetectable to others.

You will always find someone cheaper in any industry but the question is, Will they do a good repair and what experience do they have, do they have a working paint booth, paint mixing room, latest equipment? There are many roadside and unprofessional aftermarket painters out there that will do acheap paint job with local paints under 3-5 hrs. of time hence ruining the panel of the car. We pride ourselves on quality and our charges are reasonable in terms of value and quality that we offer.

Car Detailing FAQ

Car Detailing is through cleaning and polishing od car’s interior using specialized equipment and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner

1. Exterior Detailing: Exterior detailing involves cleaning, polishing, and protecting car’s paint surface. Cleaning refers to removing all foreign surface particles (dirt, bird droppings, tree sap etc.) from exterior surfaces with use of steam jet machine. Polishing includes paint correction, swirl marks repair & removal of pollution fumes from car’s paint surface, to give it a glossy finish equivalent to the new showroom condition look. Protecting involves the application of a protective sealants that prevents foreign matter from adhering to the surface of the vehicle, including water, bugs splatter, tar, and dirt.

2. Interior Detailing: Interior detailing involves cleaning the passenger compartment of the car. All of the dash area, panels, windows, seats, boot area, carpets & mats are cleaned extensively.

Detailing does not include body work, painting, mechanical or upholstery repair.

Getting to know when your car needs detailing is a personal choice of the owners with respect to the condition that are acceptable for them to maintain their dear cars. Following is the checklist to make sure that your car is due for a detailing job:

  • There are a lot of swirl marks on the paint surface of my car.
  • I can feel a lot of roughness on my car paint surface even after washing.
  • The colour of my car is appearing very dull and oxidised.
  • There are lot of hard water scaling on my car’s badging, grills, alloys, beadings etc.
  • There are lot of stains and dust in my car’s interior.

The shine & cleanliness of the detailing treatment depends on how you vehicle is maintained. This includes using the correct washing techniques and how much you use the car on daily basis. Vehicles prone to industrial & construction sites needs to be detailed frequently. Also the cars which commutes with kids & pets need interior cleaning on more frequent basis. Generally an average running car in Indian conditions, should be detailed 3-4 times/year depending on the usage & maintenance.

  • Working Environment: Professional Detailing requires a proper dust free environment & adequate constant lights, which can be a big problem in home detailing.
  • Supervision: The facility of pre inspection, by our expert operations head for customized treatment as per the car’s condition & then the regular supervision to make sure the maximum output is achieved, can only be possible with centre based detailing concept.
  • Usage of Water & Electricity: Home cleaners use owner’s electricity & water for their process.
  • Safety: Some customers do get concerned about the security of their house with the unknown labours working in their premises.

Note: Working Environment is a mandatory requirement for professional car detailing procedure and Supervision is an important aspect to deliver you best possible detailing service every time your car visits our centres.

Therefore home detailing is convenient but definitely not as effective as professional centre based detailing.

It is frequently assumed that at time of purchase, a new car is received in a perfect paint condition. Although it should be, it is most likely not the case. This can be because of storage conditions, transportation damage and generalized pre-delivery cleaning. A car dealership gives a vehicle plenty of time to attract contaminants to the paintwork and improper cleaning adds to minor swirl & dust marks to the paint surface. Therefore to enjoy your new car in a prime condition you need to get it detailed. Auto XpertZ offer “New Car Detail” service specially designed to help the new car owners maintain their new cars in a new condition.

After our Interior Detailing process almost every accessible part of your car’s passenger compartment is thoroughly cleaned making it sanitized and bacteria free. We have great success in removing most bad smells from vehicles. But there can be certain smells like spilt dairy products or staleness that have reduced to minimal possible condition.

Rains have No Effect on the professionally detailed car. The maximum effect of rain can be accumulation of mud & dirt on the paint surface & wheel wells of the car. This can be easily treated with a proper car wash which is performed on daily basis irrespective of the season. Inversely the wax or sealant present on recently detailed cars repels mud & dirt to some extent, resulting in easy cleaning after the rain day.

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