Do You Know ?

Do You Know ?

#1 . Bird Droppings Bugs Splatter

are acidic in nature. If they are left for long period of time exposed to sunlight, they can permanently damage the paint surface of your car.

#2 . Daily Car Wash

done in an improper way can do more harm than good. It’s the major reason for hard water scaling swirl marks on the paint surface of your car. Swirl Marks are micro scratches in circular form. They deprecate the shine and look of the car’s paint surface.


#3 . Seeing Rubbing a water spot or removing dust

with finger may seem helpful, but without proper lubrication, any friction of that sort is going to cause some scratches on the paint surface


#4 . The use of Car Covers

is a double-edged sword, as they are both protective and possibly damaging. A cover that does not fit properly may be more damaging than no cover at all. If it is too loose, wind may cause it to flap against the paint, causing severe scratching. The dirt trapped between the paint and the cover can also cause scratches as the cover is installed or removed or is moved around by the wind. The key to avoiding these problems is to put a proper fitting cover on a clean car.


#5 . Long Term ‘Maintenance Free’ Shine is not possible

in climate condition so abrasive like India. The best available options are the semi permanent coatings,

which require proper application and adequate maintenance to protect your car from dust,

pollution, bird droppings,tar marks etc.Get your cars detailed at regular interval and adopt

correct washing techniques to get the best look out of your dear cars.

#6 . New Car’s Paint Surface

are not as new as you expect. This can be because of storage conditions, transportation damage and generalized pre-delivery cleaning. To make your new car experience a memorable one, get it professionally detailed.


#7 . Rains have No Effect

on the professionally detailed car. The maximum effect of rain can be accumulation of mud dirt on the paint surface wheel wells of the car. This can be easily treated with a proper car wash which is performed on daily basis irrespective of the season. Inversely the wax or sealant present on recently detailed cars repels mud dirt to some extent, resulting in easy cleaning after the rain day.

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