Defects by Hack Detailers

Defects by Hack Detailers

Getting your cars cleaned by un-professional cleaners/detailers be it the home cleaning services, your local accessories outlet, or the local bodyshop have its ill-effects which are widely unnoticed by the car owners. Repeatedly exposing your cars to such ill-treatment leads to following defects some of which are beyond repair.



Badging are the symbols on the cars exterior made of plastic material and comes in silver, chrome black finish.


The amateur/unskilled detailers use improper techniques to polish the exterior paint surface of the car, during the process they tend to run the polisher over the badging which scrubs off the paint finish of the badging leading to its fading and burnt edges.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

We carefully mask each and every badging of the car before starting the compounding polishing process.


Beadings are the rubber support for windows and wind shields and are available in rubber , chrome plastic finish.


The amateur/unskilled detailers with improper polishing techniques tend to run the polishing machine over the beadings resulting in scrubbing of their surface burnt edges.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

All the beadings of the car are well masked before the start of compounding polishing treatment.


Clear Coat is the top coat on the car’s paint surface sprayed above the coloured basecoat. Clearcoat is a glossy and transparent coating that forms the final interface with the environment. For this reason, clearcoat must be durable enough to resist abrasion and chemically stable enough to withstand UV light.


(1) The amateur/unskilled detailers use improper techniques to polish the exterior paint surface of your car, this has severe ill-effects on the top coat of the paint surface of your car. They in order to impress you try to clear the deep scratches on the paint surface which is uncalled for because in order to clear those deep scratches your clear coat is sacrificed to the level which is beyond repair.

(2) They also use sub-standard rubbing polishes which are highly aggressive for your paint surface, getting your car polished by such aggressive materials can destroy your car’s clear coat.

(3) Another common problem with inexperienced/unskilled detailers is that they can’t accurately assess the condition of the car’s paint surface (be it the new/old/ repainted or damaged paint surface) which is critical to assign the customized treatment for best possible results without further damaging the current paint condition.

Auto XpertZ is dedicated to provide the best possible polishing treatment for your paint surface without ruining the clear coat of your car. We have experienced supervisors technicians who assess the correct condition of the paint surface to assign it a customized treatment for best results. We use internationally approved products like Meguairs, Menzerna Collonite in our detailing process for maximum quality safety of your car finish.



The amateur/unskilled detailers with improper polishing techniques frequently tend to damage the edges of the car’s panels to an extent that paint is faded off from the paint surface.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:
Every detailing job at Auto XpertZ is performed by atleast 6 trained technicians under the guidance of expert supervisor. The polishing treatment is performed under proper detailing conditions (i.e. proper lights and dust free environment) so that every flaw in the paint surface can be thoroughly identified and well treated with absolute precaution.



(1) The Engine bay is one of the dirtiest area of the car that needs cleaning but absolute precaution is necessary especially near the ignition parts, alternator, engine electronics and air intake. In order to reduce the time of cleaning the cleaners usually washes the engine bay with pressure washer which can prove to be harmful for the car.

(2) A common practice with most amateur/quick fix home cleaners dealership technicians is that in order to save time they spray some sub-standard dressings over the partially cleaned engine bay which hides the dust temporarily. Ironically these dressing because of their oil based properties attract more dust over the period of time which can be easily noticed after 10-12 days.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

Auto XpertZ does not leave any room or chance of bad experience for our clients. Special attention is given to each and every step of our treatment. As for engine bay cleaning we don’t prefer washing of any sorts. The plastic parts and accessible/visible parts of the engine bay are carefully cleaned with brushes cloth for maximum safety.



Roof of the cars are made in different finish like fabric, leather, swede etc. pasted on the foam padding attached to the car’s body.


The amateur/unskilled detailers use improper techniques to clean the roof of the cars resulting in lint on the roof, ruins the pasting of the fabric of the roof (sagging roof), excessive cleaning also wears off the roof finish.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

We have trained technicians who are specialized in roof cleaning procedures to clean the roof of your car without damaging and deteriorating the finish.


Seats are one of the most used part of the car that requires cleaning on regular basis. The seats come in numerous finishes like: Fabric, Leatherette, Leather, Swede etc. Seats of luxury cars are more sophisticated now with technologies like air conditioning, height back lumber adjustments, airbag sensors, massagers etc.


(1) The amateur/unskilled detailers are unable to assess the correct condition of the seats, in order to clean the stains they tend to fade the colour of seats by using aggressive cleaning techniques using harsh chemicals solvents.

(2) Almost every unprofessional home cleaner uses sub-standard cleaning materials like detergents solvents which damages the coating, colour pasting of the seats permanently.

(3) Using incorrect cleaning techniques the perforated seats with feature of air conditioning results in protruding fabric from beneath the seat.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

The experienced technicians at Auto XpertZ are well aware of all the seats finishes advanced electronic features of most advanced models like Rolls Royce Bentley. They pay special attention to the seat cleaning procedure to make sure that best results are achieved without damaging and deteriorating the finish electronic features.


Today the premium cars are available in most advanced features in both performance and luxury segments. This adds to use of more varied and sophisticated materials for interior finish to add style comfort to the interior of the car.


(1) There is a very thin line between perfect cleaning damaging the finish of the surface. One should have proper knowledge experience to know the limit of the result that can be achieved without damaging the finish.

(2) Most of the amateur detailers today are unaware of the type quality of the car’s interior as a result they have similar cleaning procedures for each of them, which can damage their finish permanently.

(3) The chrome wooden finish used in the electronic panels of the premium cars contains numerous scratches gifted by the improper cleaning techniques.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

At Auto XpertZ each panel and finish of the car’s interior is pre inspected by the supervisor for customized treatment as per the condition of the car. The supervisor makes sure that the desired results are achieved without deteriorating the finish of the car’s interior.


Today, different sizes and types of steam washers are available for car cleaning purposes. Although the results shown by their manufacturers seems to be attractive but the steam washing technique used incorrectly can be damaging for your car.


(1) Certain detailers use steam washer to clean the interiors of the cars such as seats ac vents. The heat of the steam can permanently ruin the finish of the car’s interior.

(2) Also steam being a form of water can be hazardous for electronic devices of your car.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

We are not in favour of using steam washer for interior cleaning purpose because we believe that each and every panel of the car’s interior needs individual attention and care as per its finish current condition.



(1) Use of solvent for interior cleaning purpose is a common practise among amateur, quick fix detailers/cleaners. As a result the coating on the interior finish deteriorates permanently.

(2) Solvents if penetrated beneath the finish of the surface can also ruin the pasting of the material. Regular use of such materials can result in damage in the finish of seats, plastic parts, rubber parts, carpets, roof etc.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

Auto XpertZ are dedicated to provide you with flawless finish without deteriorating the finish of the car. We make special effort to give each car special attention and ample time for safe and effective treatment. We use branded and approved cleaning agents for our car detailing procedures.


Application of dressing is the final step in the cleaning of the car’s interior. Apart from enhancing the looks of the interior they also provide protection from UV Rays, Dust Sun.


(1) The step of application of dressing is a costly decision for amateur/cheap cleaning services as there are different dressings for different finishes and the prices vary a lot as per the finish. Most of the so called Hack Detailers apply cheap glossy finish dressings on your car’s interior which leaves behind a very unpleasant riding experience for the owners for at least a week.

(2) The dressings are meant to be the final step of the procedure after the panel is thoroughly cleaned, but the quick fix cleaners tend to apply the so called cheap dressing directly over the partially cleaned surface to hide the defects which re-appears once the dressing dries after 10-12 days.

Auto XpertZ Procedure:

We apply branded and appropriate dressings as per the finish of the car be it Leatherette, Plastic or Leather finish. The dressing will be absorbed by the finish without a trail of any glossy finish and without attracting any dust to the surface afterwards.

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